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If you are a photographer or a designer, here is a list of other places to get stock photos for your designs.
You will find there a list of agencies currently accepting photo contributors as well.

Free photos for your designs

Here you may find free stock photos grouped by conceptual categories. The images may come useful for designers looking for a way to illustrate their ideas as well as for other people, who just like this kind of pictures in their collections or on the computer desktop.

Recent free photo collections:

Freight trains Freight trains
All kinds of trains transporting goods over railroads - liquids, containers, cars, raw materials.
Office supplies Office supplies
Paper clips, folders, sticky notes - all these things you find on your work table
Money Money
Money in different cash forms - bills and coins

Current image set:

Wind Power
A set with windmills, wind turbines, wind farms, different kinds of wind power generation plants

A few random images:

A free stock photo from our collection
Tanker cars perspective
Another stock image illustrating a concept
Smoke air pollution
Another conceptual free stock photograph
Recycling Regiment

A note on how to use these images:

The photos are shared under a Creative Commons license with attribution only option. You may use them for both non-commercial and commercial purposes, which include web, print, design and layout elements or any other use. Be careful - as pictures come from many different sources, we cannot guarantee, that all legal features are clear - such as logos, brand names or visible people faces - they usually require special procedures to be allowed for commercial use.

Co-photo images